Friday Food Shot 105

Two weeks ago I started my salt pork experiment. Here is the result, after 14 days of curing. I learned the following regarding its use: (1) to fry and eat it like bacon, boil it for 15 minutes, let it rest for 5 minutes before slicing thinly and pan frying; (2) to use it as recado for sauteed dishes and soups, boil it for 5 minutes, let it rest for another 5 minutes before slicing then render the fat in a hot pan and use it for stir-frying. It’s very tasty!



Got the cure

I’ve been reading about Salt Pork for the last few weeks so yesterday I finally decided to make one. Basing it on the stuff I read, I use a certain ratio of salt and sugar then adding ground black pepper and other herbs and spices. I sealed the pork shoulder chunks in a big Ziploc bag (the kind I use when brining beef for corned beef) and it’s chilling in the refrigerator.


This is supposed to sit in the refrigerator for two weeks so I will post an update when the cure is complete and when I have actually tasted it or used it for cooking.