Friday Food Shot 112

Early this week I got the chance to try Banzai: the Great Teppanyaki Theater buffet restaurant across the Conrad at the MOA bayfront. I will post a complete review of my experience in the coming days. Pictured below is my dessert plate. The Coffee Jelly had more sugar than coffee and the Strawberry Shortcake was short on strawberry. Only the Creme Brulee was remotely acceptable. It looked like it needed a few more seconds under the fire but the crust, while barely visible, was there. I only wish there was more in the ramekin. The cream was only slightly thicker than the crust.



Friday Food Shot 108

Country Style is the perfect place to wait for someone. Just order a cup of their strong brewed coffee–with a free refill–and their quite yummy pastries. I love their chocolate chip muffins. Enjoy these while enjoying the sight of people walking by.