A New Spork

When you eat those instant noodles, do you use the spork that comes with the package or not? I don’t because those plastic utensils are so tiny they could disappear in my hands. I make do with a spoon or those Chinese soup spoons. If you have a few dollars (yes, US dollars) to spare, you might want to get your hands on this spoon, which was designed to both scoop broth and pick up noodles from your bowl of ramen, instant or not.

ramen spoon

It’s available at Amazon and Uncommon Goods; unfortunately, they don’t ship this to the Philippines so you’d have to rely on your friends and relatives in the States to get your hands on it. Read the full story on The Huffington Post.

Instant noodles are not the best food to eat, especially if you’re conscious of the right foods to eat so I avoid eating them. A few times a year I succumb to the temptation and eat one or two servings of my favorite Korean instant noodles. That’s it.


Seeds for tomorrow

It’s been a awhile since I posted interesting food-related stuff, which I see from on-line shops. They’re interesting because these are things that would be nice to have but having them is not really a priority. This one, while it leads to having an essential thing–which is food, I noticed because of its novel branding.

It’s called “Survival Seed Vault” which, upon reading it filled my head with images of the zombie apocalypse or some other kind of world event that puts an end to the supply chain of food that we all came to know. I thought this would be a welcome addition to the meager stuff carried by the characters of “The Walking Dead”, for instance.

It’s a canister filled with at least 20 seeds of veggies and fruits that will contribute to one’s food stash. If one hasn’t planted anything his/ her whole life, detailed instructions have also been included. It costs US$40.00 and can be ordered HERE.

Now, if a machete had been included, I’d surely buy one. 🙂

post-apocalyptic food

image courtesy of uncrate.com