I decided yesterday to have a celebratory dinner after attending the awarding ceremony of BloggysPH whether I won or not. However, because the ceremony started really late and despite the fact I didn’t stay till the end of the event, the dinner became a late dinner. I was looking for a place in Greenbelt 3 that was suited for lone diners. I decided on SumoSam after seeing their table arrangement. In addition, it was a bit more quiet than the other places I checked out.

I ordered a Pork Katsudon. I wanted some Maki but couldn’t seem to find something to my liking. The waiter recommended California Maki, which is the kind I like least. I settled for something called Rainbow Rolls, which were rolls filled with cucumber and wrapped by salmon, shrimp, and squid.

Service was fast in SumoSam. I hadn’t finished organizing the stuff I crammed into my bag when I left SM Aura. First to arrive was the Rainbow Rolls, showered with fried onion strings. I realized one order of these rolls is enough for dinner. I tried one roll with the onion strings but realized it did nothing to improve the taste so I pushed them to side of the plate.


The Pork Katsudon was equally substantial. The tenderloin was breaded well and cooked perfectly. The sauce and onions on the rice tasted exquisite too. However, the rice was somewhat a let-down because it didn’t seem to be Japanese rice. It crumbled on the chopstick. Must be the reason why the waitress asked me if I needed a spoon and form when she served the dish.

Anyway, I didn’t need all the rice because of the size of the Maki. I finished eating the Katsu, a third of the rice, and the Maki. I washed it all down with their delicious house tea. Other than my quibbles about the rice and the unnecessary onion strings, over-all it was a satisfying meal. The price of the dishes I ordered were just right. Service was okay too.


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