Friday Food Shot 107

I haven’t eaten at Tokyo Tokyo in a long time so I decided to give it a try again early this week. This is their Pork Katsudon. Presentation quibbles aside (the bowl was too wide and not deep enough; using melamine dishes is okay but please retire them when they get chipped), the pork cutlet was tender enough. But its size was clearly not in proportion with the rice. And since this order came in with unlimited rice, I wonder how others can make this cutlet last long. Personally I wouldn’t be able to do it, even if I weren’t reducing my white rice intake. The rice wasn’t even good. I realize Tokyo Tokyo might need to get cheaper rice because they offer it in unlimited portions but they ought to find a better rice supplier or a better rice cooker. The rice was mushy and tasteless. The sauce was bland so it didn’t help at all. For the same price, the Katsudon from Komoro was so much better.



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