Scarsdale Artisanal Delights

Yesterday after finishing my COMELEC-related errand, I went to SM San Lazaro to meet a colleague. I initially went to Starbucks but found it already crowded. Same with Bo’s Coffee on the third floor. I passed by Scarsdale and when I noticed that there were many vacant chairs, I went in. I figured my colleague and I can have a decent conversation in the relative peace of the place. Scarsdale has been open for months now but this was my first time to venture in this place. Had I known it was a local brand, I would’ve tried them long ago.

I looked at the supposedly artisanal pastries (mostly donuts with fancy toppings) on display and realized I will probably just have coffee. But the kind lady at the counter pointed me to their sandwich menu and I was tempted to try the Pulled Pork doughnut sandwich with some iced Caffe Latte.


When my order came, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a serving of French Fries with the sandwich. For its price, I didn’t expect it. The sizes of both main and side dishes was exactly right for an adult. The Fries were lightly seasoned and cooked perfectly.

As for the sandwich, the bread (which is actually a doughnut) was too soft for the fillings. The first time I lifted it to take a bite, juice dripped on my smallest fingers. Good thing I didn’t get anything on my shirt (as I am wont to do). After that first bite, I used the knife and fork to cut the sandwich to bite sizes. At this point, the doughnut had become as thin as the lettuce. The pulled pork was very tender; I just wish there was more smoky flavor in it. I liked the fact that they included veggies in this sandwich. It lessened my guilt over eating something quite rich.

My coffee drink was almost perfect, except for one quibble: they didn’t have an option to use low-fat or non-fat milk.

As I was eating, a big group of people walked in and I silently said good-bye to my peace and quiet. Also, soon after, i learned that my colleague wouldn’t be able to meet me after all.

It was a pleasant surprise to experience Scarsdale for the first time. There are other menu items I would like to try sometime in the future. I do hope they consider my suggestion of providing low/ non-fat milk options to their clients.


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