Friday Food Shot 87

Last Saturday, before the start of our workshop, I went with some of my friends and colleagues in a day trip to Sagada, which I have never seen before. Our excursion turned into a food trip because we ate in more than one place. The cup of yoghurt pictured below is memorable in two ways: one, the homemade yoghurt was great, and became awesome when mixed with Sagada’s wild honey. However, the service at the place where I had this was, to put it mildly, terrible. If I find myself in Sagada again, I might just sacrifice not having this delicious cup of yoghurt again if only to avoid getting the same awful treatment from this restaurant’s service staff.



Friday Food Shot 86

Yesterday we went on a 10+ hour road trip from Quezon City to Banaue, Ifugao. Because we were driving, we were free to stop whenever we felt hungry, thirsty, or just wanting to take on the sights. In some of the stops we bought food to eat while in the car. The rest we saved for later. The banana was a home harvest, still green in places when we left the city. By the time we checked in our hotel, the bananas had ripened fully.