Friday Food Shot 76

During my return trip to Manila, I had an almost three-hour layover in Bangkok. I enjoy this particular layover because Suvarnabhumi airport is a window shopper’s heaven. There are plenty of things to buy if one had the money. For someone like me, browsing will do. What I also like about this airport is the wide selection of food that can be had. So since my next flight is set to depart at 2:45PM, I looked for a place to get lunch after landing from Phnom Penh at 11AM.

I settled for a shop that sold a wide range of food: from Thai to Asian to Western food. I admired the range but I should have been more discerning. I ordered the Thai version of a mixed fruit smoothie, which is called Takalok in Cambodia. It’s normally comprised of jackfruit, banana, mango, papaya, and durian blended with ice and a bit of milk. For my main I ordered a bowl of Noodle Soup with Duck. In retrospect I was probably trying to recapture that wonderful experience I had when I ate Khmer Noodle Soup with Duck for the first time one morning in Cambodia. That was tasty.

Unfortunately, while the soup was tasty and the noodles well done, the duck meat had a gamy smell and flavor. The shake, meanwhile, was not creamy and I could discern the flavor. All in all, it was a lackluster lunch. But it looked real good in the photo.



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