Eats in Cambodia 6

From Battambang we made our way to our next destination: the province of Banteay Meanchey. But we still had breakfast in Battambang. It was my first time to eat Khmer noodles with duck. It had a different flavor altogether–quite intense but not too overpowering. I could eat it again. Lunch and dinner was in the same restaurant, which served us a different interpretation of Khmer dishes that I have known.


Clockwise, from left: Khmer Noodle soup with Duck for breakfast; Stir-fried Mixed Veggies with Fish and Amok Trey (Khmer Fish Curry) for lunch; Sour Soup with Beef, Cha Kn’yay Saik Moan (Stir-fried Ginger with Chicken), and Fish with Soya Sauce for dinner.

The Amok is probably the equivalent of Adobo to Cambodians. Its preparation seem different in each region of the country. This version didn’t pile up on the coconut cream, but it was flavorful. I liked that the julienned ginger in the Cha Kn’yay was bordering on the crisp; however the chicken was disappointing because it was so tough. Our driver suspected they used some really old chicken for the dish.


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