Eats in Cambodia 5

My second day in Battambang was a busy one. Since the team didn’t want to be bothered with choosing which place to go to, we just returned to the same restaurant for our meals the whole day.


Top: Khmer Noodle Soup with Beef for breakfast; Middle, from left: Cha Kn’yay Saik Moan (Stir-fried Ginger with Chicken), Khmer Omelette, and Fermented Lemon Soup with Chicken for lunch; Bottom, from left: Grilled Prahoc with fresh vegetables, Hot and Sour Soup with Beef, and Stir-fried Chicken with Basil for dinner.

Cha Kn-yay is probably my favorite Khmer dish, but I like the ginger to be a bit crisp. The fermented Kroch’ma (Lime) provides a unique sour-ness to this soup that it is always refreshing to eat for me. Prahoc reminds me of my home province Pampanga’s fermented rice and fish (Buro) so I have no trouble eating it. However, until now, I cannot eat some of the fresh (raw) vegetables like eggplant and string-beans that are often served with it. I just stick to eating it with cucumbers and the thin leaves of a cabbage.


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