Friday Food Shot 78

My aunt commented that it’s been months since we had Pork Tocino in the house. So I decided to make some, using my own recipe. We’ll probably have this for breakfast by tomorrow.



Friday Food Shot 77

One thing that I always make sure to bring when I return to Manila from Cambodia is Sach Krok (pronounced Sayk Kro), or Khmer Pork Sausage. Its taste resembles that of the Chinese pork sausages (Longanizang Macau) one can get in Chinatown. But I like it more because it has a subtler taste, which reminds me of Tocino in a (dried) Longaniza form. Do I make sense? While it is an excellent substitute for Chinese pork sausage in Pancit Bihon, it can also be eaten on its own–fried until it slightly caramelizes, then sliced thinly. Great as pica-pica (with cheese), with garlic rice (or Yang Chow), and with plain porridge and soft-boiled egg (the Khmer way). Many of my Cambodian friends say that the best Sach Krok comes from Mondulkiri province but this one, from Siem Reap province, is already fine by me.