Eats in Cambodia 2

Upon my arrival in Phnom Penh, I stayed in a hotel for a few nights until I found an apartment. The hotel I chose was Blue Lime, because it was close to the office where I was going to be posted. Also, the manager is, in fact, my friend so I knew I’ll be well taken care of. Breakfast was an ample combination of fruits and artisanal bread, with butter and jam, fruit juice, brewed coffee, and eggs made the way you want it. It filled you up in a good way.


I didn’t have other meals at the hotel because I was always out anyway. Except once, and I ordered a Khmer standard for lunch. It’s called Beef Loc Lac–a dish of quick-fried beef cubes, sauced and served on a bed of thinly sliced white onion, green tomato, and lettuce. And of course, rice. Their version of this dish, which is a staple in almost all Khmer restaurants and homes, was immaculate–barely a hint of being home-cooked but it tasted great.


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