Friday Food Shot 73

Since returning to Cambodia, I’ve been visiting old haunts–some still there, some gone, cast adrift in the rapid urbanization of Phnom Penh. In the area where I used to live, there was a small shop that sold great Beef Pho. It was open for a few hours in the morning and in early evening only. When the food runs out, the shop is closed. It was run by an old lady. I used to walk around the park every morning (sometimes in the afternoon too) and I would usually have that big bowl of hot Pho for breakfast (or dinner). Paired with her equally awesome iced coffee with milk, my meal would then be complete.

Last Friday, I directed the tuktuk driver to take me to the park close to my old house. I was pleasantly surprised to see that her shop has remained open through these years. The shop is now flanked on both sides by bigger and high-end looking restaurants, one of which is even a Vietnamese restaurant. Well, they could learn a thing or two from her.

I wasted no time and ordered my favorite bowl of Beef Pho and a glass of iced coffee with milk. The coffee is not pictured, but I sure had an immensely satisfying dinner that night.



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