Friday Food Shot 71

My first bowl at Ramen Nagi



Not Loco Over Lucca

About 4 weeks ago I met my friend, who’s from Canada on holiday, at SM MegaMall’s Fashion Hall. It was her first time to see it and she was quite impressed with the shops that were in it. When it was time to sit down for some coffee and catching up, we were both delighted with the range of choices. Lucca Bakery looked inviting and I remember reading good reviews about it from food blogs I regularly follow so in we went.

By this time we already had coffee so we decided on tea with some baked goods. I ordered chicken pie and my friend had a coconut cake. The tea was fine; it was hard to fault it because it was the kind that was commercially available, albeit leaning towards the high end.

As for the chicken pie, the crust was flaky enough but the filling was utterly bland and the chicken meat was dry. I speculated that the pie I got served with was not freshly baked and instead reheated too many times. I looked at my friend and she was also barely touching her cake, which baffled me because I know she has a sweet tooth. So I took a small bite of her cake and found it sweet enough but the coconut flavor tasted stale. It was also dry.


Fortunately, we didn’t allow our lackluster snacks to interfere with our joy at meeting again after 4 years and catching up with each other’s lives. We chatted for a while though deep inside, I was thinking that it will probably take a lot for me to go back to Lucca Bakery. I was also wondering about the opinions of certain food bloggers who were raving about this shop. While it’s true that people will have unique experiences when they go to a specific establishment, there should at least be a consistency among those experiences. The erratic nature of my experience compared to theirs does not speak well of Lucca as a restaurant.

For now, the only thing that resonated with me was that the price range of Lucca is inversely proportional to the taste of the food that my friend and I got.