Not So Jolly Lately

What’s with Jollibee lately?


Months ago they suffered a very public shortage of chicken and for years I’ve been hearing whispers about the company’s exploitative labor practices that would make SM look like the ‘really’ good guys.

And yesterday, we tried to place an order at because my Aunt had a friend coming over and I wanted their desk calendar, which one can get for free for a 400-peso delivery. First, the site was under construction so all orders will have to be placed at 8-7000. When I called the number, it was busy and it took me about 15 minutes to get through. When I finally spoke with someone the first thing she said was because Jollibee’s sytems were undergoing maintenance or something to that effect, they cannot guarantee the time that my order can be delivered. I jokingly asked her if it meant it could take 3+ hours to get my order and she couldn’t give me a clear answer. Nevertheless, I placed my order because I was thinking, how bad could it get? This is Jollibee, after all.

However, my confidence sagged further because when I asked the total price of my order, I was told that they cannot give me the total bill. Apparently, I would have to wait for a confirmatory call from the specific branch that will deliver my order and only then will I know the total price of my order. Controlling my growing irritation, I said okay and ended the call.

I made the call at around 11:20AM. Do you want to guess the time I received the confirmatory call?

I got the call 2 hours later, at exactly 1:30PM. Of course by this time I was past irritation and fuming madness. I was simply resigned to cancel the order, which I did, with no hysterics whatsoever. I simply told the lady to call me that we didn’t need the food anymore because so much time had passed. She was still starting to apologize when I hanged up the phone.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the desk calendar I desired and my Aunt’s guest ended up eating something homemade (and healthier). Silver lining?

Epilogue: As I am writing this post I tried to log on to Jollibee’s online delivery site and it’s up and running, albeit the menu is incomplete. My bad encounter yesterday could be due to unfortunate timing but it doesn’t change my over-all experience.

I think Jollibee needs to step up its game.


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