Friday Food Shot 67

I tried to get my mother and aunt to join me in my calorie-counted meals so I prepared this light dinner of pasta in olive oil and lemon-marinated grilled chicken. They liked it well enough but only when they considered is as a snack. 🙂



Healthy Foodie Manila

A couple of weeks ago I discovered another company that delivered calorie-counted meals. I contacted the Healthy Foodie Manila people and asked them if they’d like me to review their food and service and they readily agreed. So last week I ate their meals for five days and here are my thoughts:

Day 1


My week with Healthy Foodie Manila started with a bang with their wonderful breakfast. It was a simple food item actually but the presentation was very clever. I can have eggs like this everyday, frankly speaking. The lunch of chicken wrap was very tasty yet light. I was blown away by the snack. At first glance, I wondered why there was only one snack when other food services included 2 snacks each day. But when I saw the size of these granola bars, I figured I can have it both morning and afternoon. Plus, it tasted great. I loved the combination of honey and dark chocolate. The salad dinner was kind of bleh. I rated this day 3 out 4. The day’s breakfast and snack were my best for the week.

Day 2


On Tuesday I had to leave the house to attend a work meeting so I brought the lunch with me. I loved the pancakes for breakfast even if I couldn’t decipher the fruity topping. The fish and veggie relish was perfect for me. I didn’t use the creamy sauce because the fish tasted great on its own. My colleagues had to order from McDonalds to have lunch. I thought my lunch was way better. The salad for dinner was better than the salad on day 1. The snack (peppermint brownies) were too dry for my taste but the flavor was great. I rated this day a perfect 4, even if no food item made it to my best of the week food.

Day 3


Today is a let-down, in terms of the food. The breakfast of sausages was good. But the lunch with the shrimp and eggs didn’t work. They seemed like two separate dishes served together without being tasted first. The combination didn’t work. I loved the snack of oatmeal cookies, though. Dinner looked promising, but ultimately turned unsatisfactory. The lamb steak pieces were too small and too few and they were rubbery. I think the whole salad would’ve been better if there was another type of meat on it. I rated this day 2 out 4.

Day 4


Thursday was a great day. The oatmeal breakfast was simple yet awesome. The chicken-asparagus lunch was also great. Nice flavors, textures, and portions. The dinner was equally great. I felt like eating pizza without the guilt. The only let-down on this day was the snack. First, I couldn’t figure what it was. Second, the fruits didn’t look fresh. I didn’t touch this at all. I rated this day 3 out of 4. The day’s lunch and dinner were my best for the week.

Day 5


My fifth day with Healthy Foodie Manila didn’t start well. I think curry and eggs don’t go well together. Lunch was the same. I couldn’t the taste the sauce and the pasta was overcooked. The snack was better even if I didn’t know what it was. It tasted good. The salad dinner was just okay. I rated this day 2 out of 4.

My rating of the Healthy Foodie Manila 1-week 1800 kcal menu is 15 out of 20. This is purely subjective. People have unique food preferences after all. In terms of service, I would give them a very high mark because the people I communicated with were very professional and courteous. Even the guys who delivered the food were courteous and polite. My only suggestion would be to include the list of the meals along with the food bags because some might not have the time to log on to their facebook page just to check the names of the dishes they’re eating. That being said, their best quality is the affordability of their meals. My 1800 kcal meals cost only PhP 570.00 a day and the quality was generally great.

In terms of my weight loss journey, I lost the appropriate amount of weight in the week I ate their meals. I’d gladly recommend Healthy Foodie Manila to friends. If not for my scheduled trips this month, I will subscribe to continue getting their meals.