What I ate this Christmas season, #3

In two parties with friends and colleagues, I enjoyed food ranging from the home-cooked to casual dining fare to coffee shop offerings.

In the Christmas lunch with my friends and colleagues in our fledgling NGO, I brought my Adobo Flakes and together we ate fried Tilapia, Beef with Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd), and Shrimp and Kalabasa (Pumpkin) simmered in coconut cream. Not pictured are the sweetishly creamy Laing (Yam Leaves cooked in coconut cream) and the various goodies from Bacolod. We had fresh bananas for dessert. We also snacked on a selection of chips while our scheduled Board Meeting was going on.


Yesterday, my friends and former colleagues had lunch at Shakey’s. We ordered a set meal that we felt suited us, consisting of a platter of Spaghetti Carbonara, Garlic Bread, thin-crust pizza and fried chicken (not pictured). I am pleased to discover that Shakey’s food remains consistently good, no matter where and how you get it. Because of the surprisingly light traffic, I arrived at our appointed place quite early so I enjoyed a slice of cheesecake and iced tea while I waited for them at CBTL. For our post-prandial chat and exchange gifts, we transferred to Chatime where I ordered a small tumbler of iced coffee, which was good. I had no room for other food because our lunch had been very filling already.


Because I cooked our Christmas eve dinner, now I’m looking forward  to what my mother has for us for New Year’s eve dinner.


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