What I ate this Christmas season, #1

Yesterday my college friends and I met for our annual Christmas get-together. We decided to meet at Eastwood City because we rarely went there. My friend brought along his 2 Corgi dogs with him. However, it was raining quite heavily when we arrived so we were pressed to look for places with al fresco dining that wouldn’t drench us. So we ended up at Yellow Cab Pizza Company. Some of us didn’t want to have pizza and pasta but we had little choice. To be fair, I have always liked the pizza at Yellow Cab. I haven’t tasted anything I didn’t like there.


We ordered an 18-inch New York’s Finest, a Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, an Aglio Olio, and a couple of Garlic Parmesan Wings. We were all so hungry that we ate silently for a while. I even forgot to photograph the pasta dishes. Like I said, pizza is always great at Yellow Cab. We finished the pasta quickly and we ordered another set. However, we were dismayed when they brought us a Chicken Alfredo instead of an Aglio Olio. However, I think everyone was too busy (or hungry) to complain because it was eaten as well.

By the time we finished eating, the rain had stopped so we walked around the area and bought the gifts for our Kris Kringle. My friend brought his dogs back in the car. An hour or so later, we looked for a coffee shop where we can exchange gifts while having coffee. As expected, Starbucks was and CBTL was filled with people. Since it began drizzling again, we didn’t want to sit outside. We spotted a J.CO Donuts outlet which had plenty of sitting room so we went in there.


Personally, I’m not a fan of the brand; I have tried their donuts and I find these unremarkable. But my other friend swears by it. She thinks that I just need to try J.CO’s best products and I will be won over. I just wanted coffee so I ordered a Latte, which I found to be adequate. I just wished the coffee was a tad stronger, though. A cup of coffee came with a free sugar-drizzled donut so we ended up with a surplus of donuts because we ordered something else. My friend knew I liked peanut butter so she got me a peanut butter-filled donut. It was nice. I liked it. But to be blunt, I’m still on the fence about J.CO Donuts.

Over coffee and our abundant donuts, we had a fun-filled exchange of gifts and chatted for hours before leaving.


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