Tagaytay is a great destination. It’s a beautiful place. There are many things to do and many places to see there. And of course, Tagaytay has many great places to eat, regardless of one’s budget range.

All these are true. Unless you go to Tagaytay on business, like being one of the organizers of a seminar/ workshop wherein you’re responsible for many people and there are objectives to be met and outputs to produce. Because of this, I wasn’t even able to explore the facilities of the hotel where we stayed. On our last evening there, a colleague and I managed to sneak out of the hotel for an hour and this was only because our foreign guests wanted to buy some souvenirs.

Luckily I was able to get my favorite coffee beans from “Bag of Beans”, plus some of their great breads. On the way back to Manila we were able to stop by “Good Shepherd” where I got a couple of tubs of their wonderful Ube (Purple Yam) Jam and a jar of honey for my mother. So it wasn’t a total loss, in terms of food.



I should return to Tagaytay soon. For pleasure instead of business next time.


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