I discovered Cyma about 3 years ago, when I was trying to find places that serve more healthy food. I think I first went in because I learned from their menu that they served Greek (and Mediterranean) cuisine and many people know that to be healthier compared to other cuisines. At first glance, I found the price range to be a little too steep but when I saw the size of the servings, I changed my mind. Most of the salads and entrees are big enough for 2 hungry people. If there are more in the group, there are “to-share” options. The only downside of a large serving size is, I cannot eat there alone–unless I’m ready to take half of the dishes home. In the few times I ate there alone, I only had a salad. It was that filling.

Last Tuesday, I met my friend C at Robinsons Manila for lunch and some catching up, since it’s been months since we last saw each other. We decided to have lunch at Cyma because like me, she’s also mindful of her food. In fact, she’s been more successful than I am when it comes to losing weight. Part of it is probably because she’s much younger than me, so her metabolism is faster compared to mine.

Rob Malate CYMA

It was her first time at Cyma so I just ordered for both of us. I ordered their best salad (in my opinion), the Roka Salata, which has lots of arugula (and other greens), dried tomato, candied walnut, and shavings of parmesan cheese. The dressing is light and tangy; lovingly tying all the flavors. I paired this with their Hummus topped with Kalamata olives and their wonderful Pita Bread. Cyma’s Hummus has a lot of texture–it feels as if made by hand. They must use great Tahini because the flavors are just consistently awesome. I’ve eaten at 2 branches of Cyma (Robinsons Manila & Trinoma Mall) and they’re very consistent, both in service and food quality.

After these 2 dishes we started to feel full so we paced ourselves and chatted as the entree was being served.

For the entree I ordered Chicken Souvlaki, which is chicken grilled kebab-style so it is served with grilled tomatoes, onions, peppers and aioli on the side. Plus those lovely Pita bread. By this time I think both of us had eaten our fill of Pita bread so we weren’t able to finish it. But the chicken was juicy and rich with flavor. We were very happy with it.

Normally I’d end my meal with some Baklava and tea but we were both very full that we skipped dessert. C clearly enjoyed our long, relaxed lunch. There’s nothing like great food to accompany a happy catching up with friends.


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