Catch-up Coffee and Tea

Last Sunday I met my former colleagues whom I haven’t seen in years. We decided to meet at Robinsons Magnolia. I got there early because it was my first time to go there and I wanted to explore the place on my own. I had lunch at The French Baker. When they arrived, one of them suggested we went to The Clubhouse, whose entrance was tucked into a cul-de-sac that was very easy to miss. The interior decor was like shabby chic for guys. The tables were made of re-purposed thick slabs of wood and painted with big numbers. The chairs came in 2 variants made of the same re-purposed materials.

I had a very filling lunch so I was just thinking of having a pot of tea or coffee. But when I saw the cake display everything looked so inviting. So I ordered a pot of Earl Grey Tea and a Pecan Pie. M had the Lava Cake a la Mode and a cup of coffee while W ordered a milk shake and sweet potato fries.

Rob Magnolia CLUBHOUSE

My Pecan Pie was very delicious; both crust and filling were very delectable. They didn’t scrimp on the ingredients. And it wasn’t overly sweet. I also tried the sweet potato fries and it was great as well. Just cooked very well, crisp outside and soft inside, and not greasy at all. The Lava Cake looked really rich so I didn’t try it. M said it was very good.

Our small get-together went well; we chatted for more than 2 hours and we were very happy with what we ate at The Clubhouse. Chances are, when we see each other again, we’ll have coffee and cake there again.


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