Jollibee Pancake Sandwich

Long before Jollibee announced its newest breakfast item Pancake Sandwich, I’d been cutting my pancakes in two and putting stuff in between them, such as cheese, peanut butter, and ham. Some of my family found it weird, but not really surprising, coming from their equally weird relative. So you can imagine how my eyes rolled when my family gushed over the idea of the Pancake Sandwich after seeing the TV commercial for the first time.

This morning, I found it at the breakfast table. My mother finally succumbed to the temptation and bought it at our neighborhood Jollibee store. So how was it?


Obviously, I find the idea to be great on paper. However, I think the execution leaves much to be desired. I think that for a pancake sandwich to be great, you have to have a great pancake. In my opinion, Jollibee’s pancakes aren’t good. At first I thought it was a franchise issue, that one branch just didin’t follow the “official” recipe but I later realized, after eating from different branches that they weren’t really good. I think McDonald’s pancakes are much better.

As for the proteins, the fried egg was overcooked while the cheese was unremarkable. The bacon was also so-so. I’m thinking that a slice of ham would have made a better combination. I felt it needed some form of dressing but if the components had been juicy, the sandwich wouldn’t feel so dry.

On the plus side, it’s very affordable. At best, it’s like the usual breakfast plate of pancakes, eggs, and bacon wrapped in a neat little package. However, if you’re minding what you eat, you can easily make this at home–using wholewheat flour, poaching the egg instead of frying it, skipping the cheese and using turkey or chicken ham.


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