Another alternative to rice

Since embarking on this diet, I have avoided eating white rice. But, because rice is part of the diet I grew up with, I didn’t stop eating rice completely. Instead I cooked brown or red rice. I bought a small pot to cook my rice in, and store the rest in single-serve packs for later consumption. These days, I cook it every two days or so.

While I was in one of my trips to the supermarket, I chanced upon this bag of grains that looked like rice except for its bright yellow color. I thought it was either orzo or some kind of fortified rice. I checked the label and found out that it was made of corn. I was amazed so I read the whole label and bought a pack to try at home.


The cooking instruction was easy. You just boil a corresponding amount of water, add the grains then simmer for about 20 minutes. The result reminded me of Star rice (rice + Star margarine) minus the grease. It was fluffy enough but when cooler, its texture is maligat, which is what I like in rice. Maligat means it’s a bit chewy, and therefore perfect for fried rice.


Later that evening, I made Kimchi Fried Rice out of the leftover corn rice. I used sesame oil to sautee garlic and red onion, added veggies that were remnants of previous dishes–mushrooms from the Pasta Carbonara, beans & carrots from a stir-fry, and some tofu lying around the refrigerator. Like I inferred, it was perfect for fried rice. Too bad I forgot to take any photo of the dish. My next goal is to try making Arroz Caldo out of corn rice.

I’m happy with this discovery. I’m sure I’ll keep this as one viable (and healthy) alternative to white rice.


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