French Toast

Last night I promised my Aunt and cousin that I will make breakfast if I woke up before 7AM today. But I slept very late because I couldn’t put down the (e)book I was reading (Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King) so one of my last thoughts before falling asleep was “good-bye breakfast”. But as it turned out, I woke up at 6:45AM. I quickly went downstairs and started making my version of French Toast.

I used 8 slices of whole wheat bread from Gardenia, which I soaked in a mixture of 2 beaten eggs and 2/3 cup of low fat milk (Magnolia). I fried it on a non-stick grill pan and instead of butter I just used Pam Cooking Spray. Then in the same pan I fried a few slices of bacon. I used Purefoods Lean and Mean Bacon because it has much lesser fat than the ordinary bacon.

Twenty minutes later, breakfast is ready. Happy Sunday morning!



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