Friday Food Shot 46

My mother’s idea of a Carbonara sauce is probably the same  for many Filipinos, which is basically a white sauce with mushrooms and crisp bacon, topped with grated Parmesan cheese. When I served her an authentic Carbonara sauce (made of fresh egg, grated parmesan cheese, pepper, and topped with crisp bacon, she didn’t like it. After that, whenever she asks me to make her Carbonara sauce, I know she means the white sauce (technically, an Alfredo sauce) with mushrooms and bacon.

This pan of “Carbonara” pasta was a short-cut. I used a packet of Clara Ole Carbonara Sauce, which is good for 250 grams of pasta. I just sauteed sliced button mushrooms (also canned) on a bit of olive oil before adding the sauce and mixing crisp bacon. This is pretty much calorie laden. my only concession to my on-going diet is using Purefoods Lean & Mean Bacon, which is not fatty compared to the usual bacon. But still, I only ate very little of this. My mother and the rest of my non-dieting family loved it.



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