On my own

One of the good things that occurred when The Goodbox PH gave me the opportunity to review their food is that it allowed me to visualize what 1800 calories looked like. I have known for quite a while about counting caloric consumption as a means to lose weight but it didn’t sink in to a practical level until I received the food from them.

After 5 days of eating their food, I lost the appropriate (healthy) number of pounds. This inspired me to stick to the diet by emulating the dishes that I’d been served. It takes a bit of getting used to preparing my food but I figured, I spent almost 7 years abroad and that time I cooked for myself so there’s no reason I couldn’t go back to it here in Manila.

The photo below was my first attempt to replicate my 1800-calorie diet. Rather, this was the attempt that I had the mind to photo-document. I marinated a few pieces of chicken breast fillet (after pounding them to an even 1-inch thickness) in lime juice, white pepper and a bit of salt. I also bought a grill pan and cooked it there, using olive oil cooking spray. Meanwhile, half-way through cooking the red rice, I added a cup of mixed peas, carrots, and corn so I would have veggies instead of worrying about preparing another vegetable dish or a salad to go with the protein. Notice I ate bread twice–for breakfast and dinner. For snacks I ate fruit. And I pushed myself to drink more water.


It’s been two weeks and aside from a couple of mishaps (due to lapsing to my unhealthy-snacking-behavior), my weight loss has been steady. Time to sustain this healthy eating habit. My next goal? Increasing my physical activity!


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