The Goodbox PH

These past months I noticed that many diet food delivery services have popped up, probably due to the success of The Sexy Chef. I tried this food service a while back. I was satisfied with their food and customer service but I found the daily cost to be prohibitive. I also noticed in the many food blogs that I read in my free time their reviews for some of these new diet food providers. One such provider caught my attention so I sent them an email asking them if they would like me, a food blogger, to review their food and service for my food blog. The Goodbox PH responded that, yes, they would be willing to send me five day’s worth of food in exchange for a review. I only expected one day of food so I readily agreed.

But first, I had to answer a few questions and gave them some info about myself. Then their resident nutritionist suggested the calories I needed to lose weight. This was a refreshing change from my experience at Sexy Chef. This added a personal touch that I liked a lot. So for the delivery, I opted to have my food delivered on the day before, in the afternoon or early evening. However, their delivery guy was nowhere in sight on Sunday afternoon till every evening.

When I woke up on Monday morning, there was a lot of missed calls on my phone, made between 10:30 and 11:30 PM. The calls were from their delivery guy! I contacted them right away and apologized for ignoring the calls (I was already asleep, along with the whole household) and told them I didn’t expect them to be so late. They said they’d deliver the food that morning but I didn’t receive anything the whole day. Late in the afternoon they told me they were going to deliver my food for Tuesday. I waited and waited and it arrived at well past 11PM. I was not pleased with this at all so the next morning I asked them to deliver my food in the morning if they can’t guarantee to deliver the food earlier in the night. They agreed to send my food in the morning. So early Wednesday morning I received my food. All was well after that minor but annoying flap. Consequently, instead of 5 days, I only received 4 day’s worth of food from The Goodbox PH. I will give a daily recap of the food and how I liked them. I will use a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

Day 2


I will give this day 4 stars over-all. The breakfast eggs were lovely. The addition of avocados was a clever touch. It made the eggs creamy in a refreshing way. However, because the toasts were packed with the eggs, it did turn a bit soggy. My suggestion? Pack the toasts separately. Lunch and dinner were very tasty and filling. I loved the delicate flavor of the grilled chicken. The snacks were a bit so-so. The smoothie had turned into a flavored milk drink while the crepes tasted doughy.

Day 3


I’ll give this day 3.5 stars over-all. First, the breakfast eggs didn’t taste like mint and lemon. Plus the same problem with the soggy toasts. Lunch was the best meal of the day. I loved everything: the flavor of the fish, the richness of the rice pilaf, even the pickled cucumber. Really yummy!. However, the dinner was bitin because the menu card said “Whole Wheat Wraps with Grilled Veggies, Feta and Hummus”  but I didn’t find any Feta and Hummus. If these were inside the wraps, I didn’t taste them as well. I think the snacks were store-bought. I loved the crackers, though, store-bought or not.

Day 4


This day will get 4.5 stars from me, even if I didn’t enjoy the main breakfast dish (banana oat bars). Eating it was like eating a piece of balikbayan box, frankly speaking. Its saving grace was the inclusion of fresh fruit and juice. Lunch was very delicious. The couscous was flavored very well, the chicken was cooked perfectly, and the salad dressing perfectly blended with the main course. I think someone forgot to toast the whole wheat croutons, though. Dinner was great as well. I didn’t think Gumbo can be made of veggies but somehow it reminded me of real Gumbo. The morning snack was great while the afternoon snack was better than the crepes of Day 2.

Day 5


I will give this day 4.25 stars. To start, of the four, this day’s breakfast was the best. Adding veggies to a grilled cheese sandwich was again a clever touch! I’d do it again on my own. Lunch was great as well. I liked it how the salad dressing perfectly blended with the main course. However, much as I enjoyed dinner, I wasn’t crazy with the vegetable sticks because the carrot was over-ripe while the jicama were cut very close to the roots or leaves. They weren’t pleasant to eat, actually. The smoothie was much better than Day 2 and I liked the cookies too.

So there. In spite of the first day problems, I was very satisfied with The Goodbox PH’s food. For the most part, it didn’t feel like I was eating diet food because of the adequate portions and variety of the dishes. It was also obvious that the dishes were prepared with quality in mind. Their customer service is also good because the people I communicated with were professional and polite. Another plus for me is their price. My recommended diet was 1800 calories and my meals cost P650.00 per day. It’s quite affordable. And more importantly, their calorie recommendation is spot-on because I lost weight in four days! I can see myself subscribing to their service again. I will gladly recommend The Goodbox PH to others.


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