Eats Out There

Yesterday I went to U.P. Manila very early in the morning so I didn’t have breakfast at home. There’s a Jollibee just across the College of Public Health but I didn’t want to go there because their breakfast fare is kind of against what I’m trying to eat. So I went to Starbucks because I heard they have whole grain oats. I also ordered a fresh fruit cup and some iced black tea. I asked them to steep the oats in non-fat milk.


The fruit cup was nice; the fruits tasted really fresh, though I thought it could use more honeydew and less pineapple. The oats was great; it had a lot of toppings that I didn’t need any sweetener. It was a very filling breakfast but it cost me about 300 pesos. There are cheaper alternatives, I’m sure. Nevertheless, I was satisfied.


For lunch I went to Komoro, a Japanese restaurant that just opened a branch at SM San Lazaro. It’s supposed to be a famous dining place in SM Megamall but honestly I haven’t heard of it until I saw the billboard announcement at the entrance of the mall. It was set up like a fast food; you place your order in the counter and the food will be served. I checked out the menu and I thought their prices were quite affordable. I ordered my favorites: Niku Udon and Gyoza. For drinks I ordered Pepsi Max, which is the equivalent of Coke Zero in being sugar free.

I was surprised when my Niku Udon was served in less than 5 minutes after I took a seat. It was a hefty serving, full of noodles and thin beef slices on top. The broth had more umami taste than I am accustomed to but I didn’t mind. The noodles were cooked perfectly and the beef very tender, if not a bit fatty. I had to skip eating the fatty parts of the meat but because there was plenty to sift through, my beef craving was still fulfilled.


The Gyoza was cooked perfectly as well. It had a good combination of crunch and softness and the filling tasted great. My only quibble is that they should probably give more sauce. The sauce was very good but I found it bitin.


I was enjoying my food but something marred my pleasurable dining experience. I was aghast to notice that the lady who sat at the table to my right was eating with her left foot on another chair. Said foot was even bare and I couldn’t un-see her red toenails as her toes wiggled while this lady ate. Some people just don’t have manners. I don’t care if she has medical reasons for doing that but that behavior in a restaurant is simply objectionable.


Over-all, I was satisfied with my two meals outside. Yes, it’s possible to eat healthy at Starbucks albeit the choices are really limited. I’m definitely going back to Komoro. I like their food and their prices. Imagine, my lunch was cheaper than my breakfast!


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