Yakult finds the Light

I grew up drinking Yakult. Its advertising had a consistent message that was honest, which is probably why the brand endured. My digestive facilities have always been sort of sensitive. I was hyper-acidic from the age of 12 and whenever I am in a new place, I always get diarrhea if I drink or eat anything from this new place. My first week in Cambodia was testament to this sensitivity. And during my first holiday in Manila months later, I also ‘adjusted’ to my return with a few days’ worth of diarrhea. And when I get nervous, excited or stressed in any way, off to the toilet I go.

I’m not saying that Yakult cured me of these ills. But over the years I found that it contributed to making this quirk of my digestion more bearable. So I drank it whenever it was available. However, in the last two years I have been mindful of the sugar content in the things I eat and drink so I gave up drinking Yakult because of its sugar content. Yesterday I was surprised to see this new version of Yakult at the supermarket. Although upon reviewing the ingredients, I still saw a number of ingredients that are basically sugars, such as fructose and glucose. It had sucralose, which is the same as Splenda so I guess that makes up the ‘Light” part of this Yakult variant.

yakult light

Taste-wise, it’s not that different from regular Yakult. So it looks like I can take up drinking Yakult again.


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