Friday Food Shot 32

These are atis (sugar apple) from Cambodia. Its main difference from the local variety is when it’s ripe, you can remove its skin whole and leave the fruit intact. As for taste, I think the local variety is sweeter.



Lunch with Friends

After more than a year of trying (and failing), me and my college friends finally found the time to get together for a long lunch and longer coffee and catching up. We were almost complete. The last time were together was during the wake of our friend’s partner and that doesn’t count. We went to SM Megamall and decided to eat Chinese food. We settled in Man Hann and endured almost half an hour of waiting.

Because we were celebrating three birthdays, we ordered the standard stir-fried noodle dish, a couple of fish dishes, some pork and chicken, and fried rice. There was also some sort of egg-drop soup that was colored green. It reminded me of ‘The Exorcist” so I wasn’t too crazy about it. I loved one of the fish dishes; it was an upgraded version of the dish that I usually order at Classic Savory or Hap Chan.

Another thing I was glad about: I was able to eat to my satisfaction instead of stuffing myself. 🙂