Friday Food Shot 27

Taking a break from browsing and shopping, this was my lunch in Jatujak Market in Bangkok. Curried Beef with young coconut, rice noodles, and lime juice.



Friday Food Shot 26

In observance of Good Friday, I abstained from the internet yesterday so this week’s weekly food shot is arriving on a Saturday. During Holy Week a lot of people travel and I remember when my family would pack food along with other stuff whenever we were traveling to the province. When we got hungry we would eat at truck stops or by the shoulder of the highway. These days, when gasoline stations along the expressway host a variety of fast food places and food outlets, it is more convenient to stop and eat at these places rather than have those picnics by the highway or at truck stops.

The box of goodies pictured here was served as breakfast for the 6-hour bus trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in one of my visits there in 2009. The double-decker bus was awesome; the seats were like business class seats on an airplane and the bottom level was a common area where you can sit, read magazines and partake of the bottomless tea, coffee and sandwiches. Plus there was WiFi.