This week on baked goods

Baking is something I like doing because I like its precise nature. Unlike cooking, which can tolerate changes in the ratio and proportion of ingredients, baking requires at least an ability to do exact measurements and that helps me a lot in strengthening my focus and concentration. I also find baking to be relaxing. However, I can’t do as much baking as I want in our home because I am still saving up to replace our old oven. What little baking I do I use our Turbo Broiler and this limits the things I can make.

Still, I was able to (sorta) perfect my fudge brownie recipe using said broiler. Whenever we have a surplus of bananas (like last week), I make my Moist Banana Bread, the recipe of which I have shared in this blog. Because of some substituted ingredients (canola oil instead of butter), it is a healthier version that retains the moistness of the banana bread that we’re accustomed to. Although, I have to admit that the latest iteration of my banana bread was topped with Butterscotch bits.


Also, last week, I won in a contest from a food blog that I follow. I won 3 boxes of Hokkaido Cake, a Japanese pastry that I first encountered in Singapore years ago. I was pleasantly surprised that this turned up in the Philippines so I hurriedly claimed my prize to see if the local Hokkaido Cake is as delicious as the one I tried before. When I claimed it finally, I was surprised again to see that each box contained 6 cakes (I was just expecting 4), bringing the total to 18 cakes!


Well, my family enjoyed the Hokkaido Cakes. I was even able to share a couple of cakes to a friend when we went to lunch. I don’t think they’re appropriate for everyday eating for weight watchers like me. However, for “cheat-days” or for special moments when one feels the need to indulge, they’re perfect!


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