Guide to healthy eating

No, I’m not talking about the Food Pyramid. That is so 80s. I’m talking about this:

healthy eating plate

If you hate vegetables, you’re screwed because this guide allots about 35% of your plate to vegetables. The more the better, right? Well, not all the time. There are levels of goodness when it comes to vegetables. Usually I go by this: the fresher, the better. Raw is better than cooked. So a salad is better than a stir-fried dish, right? Well, there are still levels within levels here: a salad of mixed greens and veggies with an oil-based dressing is awesome. But a salad of veggies with ham, and other processed meats, dressed in cream-based dressing? Not so awesome.

If you have to cook veggies, better steam than stir-fry. If you will stir-fry, use the minimum amount of healthy oil. Please don’t use rendered pork fat when stir-frying. It’s not true that it will taste better. Adding spices to the dish can achieve the same savory taste.

When it comes to fruits, I also follow the ‘the fresher the better’ tenet. Fresh mangoes are better than dried mangoes. Ripe jackfruit is tastier than minatamis na langka. A ripe banana is way better than banana cue, or turon. And so on.

I’m reducing my intake of grains; I make an effort to eat rice during lunch only. I plan to completely quit eating rice in a week or two but in case I fail, I will eat brown rice instead of white. For me the hardest thing to say good-bye to is pasta. I love it so much–lathered in sauce or in soup form. If only I can find a better-tasting whole wheat pasta here in the country.

Proteins, my biggest challenge! My family is very big on butter, cheeses, cold cuts, and other processed meats. I even make great-tasting homemade tocino! Well lately I tried making tocino using skinless chicken breasts and lean pork cuts and they turned out yummy. I also have a corned beef recipe that I want to try. There is a way to balance this; I just have to figure it out.

What do you think of this guide? Is it doable to you?


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