Friday Food Shot 19

This is McDonald’s Big Mac, in India.



I luv egg white

I did the first phase of The South Beach diet twice; first in 2010, when I was still in Cambodia, and the second time in 2012, here in Manila. In all honesty, they were quite effective in terms of weight loss and eliminating food cravings. The problem is maintaining it in the second phase, especially here in the Philippines where the food in my home is quite different from the diet. In spite of this, the South Beach Diet has some good points when it comes to healthy eating that I am still able to apply till now.

One of those is the use of egg whites as alternative to whole eggs. Aside from its health benefits, egg whites tastes the same as whole eggs, especially when mixed with other ingredients. I love frittata and omelet made of egg whites.

egg white omelet

Here are 12 egg white recipes I’d like to try, courtesy of The Huffington Post.