Why are you fat?

I read another article in The Huffington Post that described the way personality affects people’s ability to lose weight. Pointing out various personality traits such as impulsiveness, reliability, and being hard on one’s self, among others–and the somewhat specific ways these personality types impact on that person’s likelihood of slimming down.

image from the article

image from the article

A very interesting read, but it left me wondering about the effect of personality on a person’s tendency to be overweight and obese. I think this would’ve been a more interesting article. Although I’ve read in countless articles before that obesity has a hereditary factor, it is also a lifestyle-induced condition. But, aren’t our lifestyles a result of our choices and decisions, which are affected by our ¬†personality?

In my case, it is a combination of both. Relatives on my mother’s side tend to be on the chunky side and I have been sedentary for a long time–something that, in my advancing age, I’m still hoping to rectify.

You can read the whole story HERE.


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