Grocery Shopping

Because I live with my mother, she does all the shopping for food, in our neighborhood market. For groceries she goes to another neighborhood grocery store or to the supermarket at SM City San Lazaro, which is a tricycle ride away from where we live. I’m not really tasked with buying groceries for the household but sometimes I go with her, especially if I’m paying for it (hehe). However, since starting on my diet, I have been shopping for some of my food. I’m not just counting calories, but I’m trying to find healthier food and grocery options at the supermarket, including fresh (and organic) produce.


I like roaming the supermarkets. I find it soothing and stress-relieving. When I go to the mall, I can linger in the supermarket and I’ll be happy. But when I’m shopping, I always try to come prepared. I have a list of the things I need to buy. When I get them, I normally roam the aisles and look at the stocks, noting new additions to the shelves. Then when I get tired of walking around, I proceed to the cashier.

I realized that in order to stick to a diet with less processed foods and more fresh stuff, one needs to shop more often. I read the same thing in an article from The Huffington Post that explained some mistakes people make when grocery shopping. The first was just mentioned, going to the grocery once or twice a month forces one to buy things with a longer shelf life, hence more processed foods. In my family, my mother goes to the market twice a week for meats and vegetables and goes to the grocery every two weeks for the canned, bottled, and powdered stuff.

I remember sometime ago, people advised against grocery shopping hungry. Now there’s a backlash against going to the grocery full. The article said to aim for the middle of the road: neither hungry nor full. The tip that I will remember most is the last in the article. That I need to know when the supermarket restocks. This is most helpful because I will know the perfect day to shop to ensure freshness of their products.

You can read the full story HERE.


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