Pinoy Cuisine in the USA

Pinoy cuisine does not enjoy the almost-universal acceptance of Chinese cuisine. It is even way behind Thai or Vietnamese cuisine even if Filipinos are in almost all countries of the world (my opinion mostly). I’ve often wondered why this is so. And I’ve attributed this to our great capacity to adapt to our environment. Personally speaking, I don’t find it hard to eat whatever the locals are eating wherever I go. Good for us, bad for the promotion of our cuisine.

But recently, there seems to be in increasing interest for Pinoy foods, especially in the States. If you’ve been watching TLC, many cooking shows are featuring Pinoy foods. This growing visibility is aided by the presence of chef contestants of Pinoy descent in “Top Chef”.

I saw this article on titled “9 Filipino Dishes You Need to Know”, which even included the places/ restaurants where these dishes can be found (in the States, of course).

“At the center of intercontinental trade routes for millennia, the island nation of the Philippines has been a melting pot for much of its history, and nowhere is that more evident than in its cuisine. With Chinese, Malay, Spanish, and even Mexican influences, Filipino fare is wholly distinct from its Southeast Asian neighbors – generally not as spicy, with plenty of pork (more than half of all meat produced in the Philippines is pork), and strong acidic flavors including vinegar and calamansi lime.”

The featured dishes included this Lechon Kawali

pinoy food us - lechon

and breakfast staple Tocino.

pinoy food us - tocino

Read the whole story HERE.


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