Friday Food Shot 15

Yesterday I had pre-Chinese New Year lunch with a friend; we went to Quick Snack where my favorite among the food we had was this strange-looking dish called “Indonesian Tofu”. It was lovely!



Fill Me

I’m on my second week of rice-free dinners and I’m feeling better than I expected. My craving for rice is still there, but it feels more like a hum rather than like a drum beating inside my head. I haven’t checked my weight, but I noticed that my belly had become softer and a teensy weensy smaller than before. In two weeks I plan to extend my rice-free eating to lunch and I am bracing myself for its possible effects on me.

I’d probably be hungrier at the start but I also know that I can deal with it by my food choices. I mean, in my long experience with food, I have come to know which ones can fill me up and which ones can’t. I’d like to share ¬†four of these foods. Some are not outright lunch choices, but they can really delay hunger longer than other foods.


4 fillfoods - apples

Any color will do. I don’t peel apples generally because the skin adds more fiber, which contributes to that fuller feeling.


4 fillfoods - darkchoco

I’m not a brand whore when it comes to dark chocolates, but I’m kind of partial to Lindt when I want to indulge. Otherwise, local brand Goya has dark chocolate products that are very affordable.


4 fillfoods - eggs

In my experience, boiling eggs results in a more filling type of cooked egg.


4 fillfoods - oatmeal

I prefer quick-cooking oatmeal over instant oatmeal, I also do not usually add a lot of things on my bowl. I’m okay with honey, milk, or cocoa. When I’m feeling fancy, I’d add raisins or nuts, but that’s about it. Although recently I heard about overnight oatmeal, and I’m very curious to try making it.