Christmas eating

I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas in a big way. In my family, the bigger celebration happens during the new year. So consequently, our Media Noche is always bigger than our Noche Buena. For Christmas lunch and dinner this year, Mama made some Asado Kapampangan, Lechon Kawali while I ‘consulted’ in making the Pochero–which my mother doesn’t cook. I learned to make it while I was in Cambodia because I like to eat it. Our version is not the complete traditional version, though, because I mixed in the tomato sauce already and it didn’t have the accompanying side dish made of eggplant. The family enjoyed it, nonetheless.

Our Pochero

Our Pochero

For dessert, some friends gave us Fruit Cake and  Carrot Cake so I just made some Buco Pandan. For a really creamy mix, I whip the cream and condensed milk together until they are lighter. It will not end up like whipped cream because of the milk but the resulting texture is much better than just stirring the two things together. If you don’t have a mixer, use a wire whisk vigorously. It’s an additional exercise to tone your arms! 🙂

Our Buco Pandan

Our Buco Pandan

For Media Noche, I am taking over the cooking duties so the food will not be as indulgent but it will be tasty and more healthy. In any case, Christmas–or any holiday eating can be enjoyed even if it is done moderately, which was something that I kept in mind while partaking of our Christmas meal.

Happy Christmas!


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