Year-end Notes

2013 is drawing to a close in a few hours; and I am only able to take a break from cooking duties now to write this blog post. As I said in my Facebook, I was in the kitchen from the moment I woke up this morning. Is it some kind of a portent, that I will be spending most of 2014 in the kitchen? There goes my diet–always mentioned, seldom followed.

Looking back at the same time last year, our household was noisier because my uncle and his daughters celebrated new year’s eve with us. We had our usual fare of grilled pork & hotdogs, bread, ham, and fruits. And fireworks. This year we have more or less the same, sans my uncle and my younger cousins. The house is relatively quiet. I have prepared 4 dishes and 2 desserts. I will finish cooking by putting the chicken in the oven, making the pasta sauce, slicing and plating the hamonado and embotido and chilling the Almond Jelly with BLP (Buco, Lychee & Pineapple).

As usual I am documenting my cooking process by taking photos and posting them on Instagram. I will share my photos and recipes after the festivities. For now let me just share the photo of our basket of fruits this year.

A happy new year to all of us!

2013 fruits


Friday Food Shot 10

After many attempts, I was able to come up with in my opinion the perfect brownie, with a crusty top, and moist insides, with a rich chocolate flavor (even if I didn’t use the most expensive chocolate). The secret is using both melted chocolate and unsweetened cocoa powder. This version has no nuts yet; that will have to be in my next level of experimentation.

my brownies

my brownies