10 Food blogs I love right now, part 2

Here is the continuation of my list, still in alphabetical order, picking up where I left off:



There’s a lot to love in this food blog. The lay-out looks like a premium website. The food shots appear to be styled and photographed professionally. But the best part for me are the articles, which range from DIY food-themed projects, recipes to restaurant reviews/ guides to well-written food-themed articles that are unique, not boring, and useful to readers like me. Recent favorite article: “Dos and Don’ts on Food for Wakes & Funerals”. Least favorite part: “Ghettogrubs” only because I dislike things that espouse class divisions. Plus they have regular contests, which I religiously join but with no success.



The title alone says a lot of the blogger. There’s been some sort of a backlash to people taking photos of their food before eating but I don’t really care. I’m often guilty as charged, okay? This is one of your pretty straight-forward food blogs whose sole mission is to show you the foods that the blogger has eaten. The text is easy to read, along with the food descriptions that do not try too hard so they rarely fail. Love the food shots as well, although the blogger seems ‘apologetic’ at times for taking photos via smartphone.



I was bowled over by this blog when I first saw it about a year ago. It had a great lay-out, food pics that looked professionally styled and photographed, and great articles. Kind of like the aforementioned pepper.ph. Lately, however, I get that feeling that this blog rather takes itself too seriously. So lately, my impression of them is they’re like the elder sibling of pepper.ph, they have same qualities but T43 is more snooty… ergo, less fun to read. I still love it, though.



This food blog fits perfectly in my healthy eating advocacy. Recently the blog went through a major overhaul that now it resembles an on-line magazine, with advertisements to boot. Like I said, I’m all for monetizing one’s blog, just make sure your blog doesn’t sound like an infomercial show. The present version of the blog is the right balance of journal, advice, and PR. The articles keep within the theme of the food blog, the lay-out is great, and the over-all look is professional.



If the previously mentioned blog is my sibling in advocacy, this blog is the antithesis to my blog–the Yin to my Yang… the Loki to my Thor… you get the drift. He has been criticized in the past for sharing his high-protein eating preferences to the net-world, which some sees as unhealthy but I never criticized him. In the first place, I believe in everyone’s right to self-expression. Besides, reading this blog always brings a smile (and a sheen of pork fat) to my lips, probably because he allows me to experience eating that foods I am told to stay away from without actually eating them.

So there. You don’t need to agree with my choices; I’m sure there are many food blogs out there that I haven’t seen. But if you’re curious about these food blogs, then feel free to check them out. You might like them too! But wait, I need to mention one more food blog–a recent discovery:



Yes, you read it right. This food blogs chronicles the blogger’s dining out experience. It’s pretty straight-forward, the photos are simple yet clear, and the writing is simple. It’s very useful if you’re looking out to try new restaurants.


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