10 Food blogs I love right now

Since deciding to separate the food-related posts from my original blog and create a new food blog, I have come across many Filipino and foreign food blogs. Soon after I was able to choose the blogs I liked from those that I didn’t.

The first thing that I looked into was the writing. Being a writer & editor myself, I am very particular to grammar and spelling when it comes to reading anything. Bad grammar is a sure turn-off for me. Aside from good grammar, I also prefer well-written blogs. This is very subjective, because I have encountered some well-written, grammatically correct food blogs that I didn’t like. The reason is simple: just a matter of preference–on topics, on opinions, beliefs, and attitudes.

I also appreciate food blogs with well-photographed food. No need for professional styling–an adequate amount of lighting (preferably not flash) will do so that at least we see the food clearly.

One more thing, I hate food blogs that are obvious PR tools of food companies. I am not against people who want to earn money from blogging per se. But one doesn’t have to be too obvious about it. This is where good writing comes in. Instead of just copying and pasting the press releases and product photos on your blog, try to sound as if the words really came from you. At least make an effort to connect something personal to your so-called endorsement. Don’t be a hard sell.

Using this criteria, let me share 5 of the 10 blogs that I love right now, in alphabetical order:



This US-based food blog contains a lot of recipes of Filipino foods done vegan. I find this inspirational as I am planning to go back to being vegetarian. Well-researched and well-written interesting posts plus great food pics!

DAVID LEBOVITZ living the sweet life in Paris


An American in Paris, David Lebovitz chronicles his life in the French capital through food. This blog is a virtual treasure trove of not just recipes but also useful tips that will be useful to me when I finally get to Paris (fingers crossed). Also includes his epicurean adventures in other countries such as Lebanon and Turkey. And did I say he takes great food photos as well?



I don’t have a sweet tooth like Lori Baltazar does but whenever I read her the temptation to indulge in sweets like chocolates becomes too strong to resist. That’s how well she writes about food! She recently came out with a beautiful book named after her blog, which I’m saving up for. Unless I get it for Christmas!



Talk about niche food blogging! This blog doesn’t have much to say, which is just fine by me because it’s really all about the food. Specifically, any food found in Iloilo. The photographs are hit and miss, the text very simple, but I am hooked because it doesn’t pretend to be something that it isn’t.



I love everything about this blog. It’s got the right balance of recipes, food information, and life experiences that it feels like watching a lifestyle show on cable TV. The tone is straight-forward but fun, the recipes are easy to follow (i have) and the information he imparts are very useful to me. I also love his photographs of food and tablescapes; they’re great!

to be continued


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