More Water

Complying with the edict of drinking an optimal amount of 8 glasses a day has been challenging to me of late. I don’t know why. I used to drink water like crazy. I hope this is not a sign that something’s amiss with my kidneys. But I’m really trying to increase my water intake. I am applying one of these tips to drinking more water during the day, which I compiled here from various articles around the internet universe.

  1. DRINK FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. I try to do this but I prefer cold water over room-temperature water, which is a bit harsh on my throat so not much of a success in this regard.
  2. HAVE IT BY YOUR WORK DESK. This one I have managed to do. Whenever I’m in front of the computer, I always keep a mug or a glass of water, or coffee. Coffee counts as liquid intake, right?
  3. BRING ONE WHEREVER YOU GO. This is one of the reasons why I lug a big bag around. For my bottle of water or my refillable tumbler.
  4. DRINK BEFORE EATING. As children, we were taught not to drink until after eating, right? This is a bit challenging for me, though I read that drinking 2 glasses of water before eating promotes weight loss.
  5. DILUTE THOSE FRUIT JUICES. If you insist on drinking fruit juice, fill 1/4 of your glass with fruit juice before adding water.
  6. SODA FOR WATER. Trade a glass of water for a glass of soda. Enough said. If you’re craving for bubbles, I read that seltzers count as water too.
  7. PIMP UP YOUR WATER. This one I like. Add lemon wedges, mint sprigs, cucumber, even watermelon, to add some flavor (but not too much sugar) to your plain water.

If you want to be sure, monitor your intake. MyFitnessPal includes monitoring your liquid intake while there are other dedicated apps such as THIS and THIS for monitoring your daily water intake.

Drink up!

the tumbler by my work desk

the tumbler by my work desk


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