Great Light Snacks

The ‘Healthy Living’ section of The Huffington Post is rich with articles that are in line wit the agenda of this food blog. I often read stories from this section to inspire me to when I’m posting in this blog. Of course, not everything I read here can be applied to my situation here, especially the specific food items that are not available here in the Philippines or, should they be available, come in prohibitively expensive prices.

Just this morning, I came across a story that suggested light snacks to help one cope with a decrease in energy that usually strikes in the afternoon. I usually rely on a cup of coffee as my afternoon pick-me-up but the suggestions in the story are more creative and more importantly, doable here in our dear old country!

Case in point, the snack pictured below:

hummus + baby carrots

hummus + baby carrots

Hummus and baby carrots. In lieu of baby carrots, make carrot sticks. Hate carrots? Try turnip sticks instead. Or cucumbers. Hummus is relatively easy to do. You can get canned chickpeas or buy them raw, soak then boil them. All you need to do is blend it with garlic, olive oil and a bit of Tahini. No tahini? just roast a handful of sesame seeds in a hot pan and grind them.

The other 3 suggestions are: green tea + a handful of walnuts or almonds (I hate walnuts, so maybe peanuts or cashew can be substituted for it); caramel rice crackers + tea latte (tea latte can just be simply tea with non-fat milk or even coffee-mate); and water + apple + peanut butter (not a fan of apples? Pears go great with peanut butter!).

Read the whole story HERE.


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