On-line tools for dieters

In my search and trial of many diets, I always came across information/ advice on the importance of maintaining a food journal. Now, I’ve been practicing portion control as my diet and so far it’s been effective to me. I’ve been steadily losing weight for the last few weeks. I think the time is right for me to start a food journal.

I looked for something on-line and I found many to choose from but I decided on one: MyFitnessPal. Aside from being an on-line food journal. Opening a free account on the site also allows one to compute one’s daily caloric requirements (broken down further into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) to lose weight. This means I can quantify the portions that I am making in each meal. The site also allows one to log on exercise activities, which have a corresponding caloric value. I have just signed up and I was excited to fill out the goals and the food journal. It’s very user-friendly!

screenshot of my goals

screenshot of my goals

What’s better than being an on-line food journal? MyFitnessPal is also available as an app (iOS, android, blackberry, and windows) so I can log on even when I’m traveling! If you’re on the look out for similar on-line diet tools, try this one.


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