Portion Control

In my effort to lose weight, I have tried many things up to a certain period after which I would either stop doing whatever it was and revert to my old un-healthy ways. Skipping meals, avoiding certain type of foods, and dieting have resulted in varying degrees of success and failure–mostly failure.

Currently, what works for me is a combination of wisely selected food choices combined with portion control. The first is a welcome challenge because I like shopping for and preparing my own food. The other one is more tricky. Like many Filipinos who unwittingly live under the influence of American culture, I’m the more-is-better guy when it comes to food. Simply put, if super-sizing were a religion, I’d be a bonafide member.

image courtesy of getty images

image courtesy of getty images

When I was in Cambodia I was immune from this, because Cambodian meals are prepared with precise serving sizes. I had a Cambodian housekeeper and I greatly admired her because she would always without fail prepare the exact amount of food for a meal, eliminating food left-overs. The only time I have left-overs is during dinner; only because I prepare my own dinner. Whenever I had guests she’d just ask how many and we will have enough food for a satisfying meal. Unfortunately I didn’t learn from her.

So since coming back I quickly reverted to my super-sizing ways until I decided to exercise portion control. It’s tough but I’m trying my best to stay within the proper (healthy) parameters of eating. And because I’d just been diagnosed as a diabetic as well, losing weight has gained another level of urgency. These days, whenever I eat, whether at home or outside, I keep this portions in mind:

This post was inspired by an article which discussed the over-eating habits of Americans. You can read it HERE.


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