Diet Philosophies

As I struggled with my weight all these years, I’ve come across a number of diets, either through my own discovery of through well-meaning friends who want to help me. There are many crazy diets out there, as you know. I’ve tried many of them, I’m afraid. In the last 2 years I have tried the South Beach Diet, which was effective in the first phase. The problem, ultimately, was applying its principles after the strict phase. Making these changes was especially difficult because the cooking and eating style of my family is at best, un-supportive to the diet. I saved up for the Cohen Diet but my diagnosis of Diabetes disqualified me from doing it.

These experiences, combined with my own readings, have taught me certain principles or philosophies that can help me eat healthier and facilitate my weight loss.

diet philosophy

First is avoiding processed foods, which is a challenge in these times when almost everything is in instant form. I like processed meats, too. Hot-dogs specifically. This also means avoiding eating at fast food restaurants. Another challenge because I enjoy eating at them as well.

Another is watching one’s sodium intake. This is linked to avoiding processed foods because processed foods have lots of sodium. Also, I like using patis (Fish sauce) in my meals.

Third is cook your own food. Again, if you want to make sure you know what goes into your food, then prepare it yourself. This saves  money too.

The next is really difficult to write here, only because this is the thing that I dread the most: combining healthy eating with exercise. I’m lazy, see. I have no other excuse.

I’ve heard about the Paleo Diet from a food blogger a year ago. While I don’t personally agree with some of its tenets. It adheres to some of the philosophies I mentioned. Read the story HERE.


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