Low Calorie isn’t Always Good

Since becoming conscious of what I eat, I’ve been counting the caloric contents of prepared foods, in the process taking time to read product labels. This entailed longer grocery shopping trips but I don’t mind. At my age, I find trips to the grocery relaxing and even recreational.

I learned that not all low-calorie foods are good choices. Because often times, the alternative–though slightly higher in calorie count, provides a better over-all nutritional value.

Take for example, whole grain crackers, which has 120+ calories. It seems a better choice to an ounce of walnuts, which has 180+ calories. But walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids (which turn off hunger messages in the brain) and no sodium. Knowing this, nuts is definitely the much better choice.

tastes like cardboard

tastes like cardboard


Personally, I think nuts tastes better than whole-grain crackers (more like crackers in general.

There are more low-calorie food swaps HERE.


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