When it rains

Eating something hearty and hot seems perfect for a rainy day. Yesterday afternoon’s unexpected heavy thunderstorm made me cut my trip to the mall short. Good thing I was able to avoid the flooding that seems to accompany each episode of rain in the city these days. When I got home, the rain resumed and affected our cable TV.

To occupy myself, I looked for something to cook and my mother suggested that I make some Arroz Caldo. She had shredded some chicken breast days prior, planning but not making Sotanghon. We also had some firm tofu in the refrigerator as well.

However, I got caught up checking my emails that my mother, because of her impatience, ended up cooking the Arroz Caldo and tofu herself.

I would’ve done it a bit differently from her, but the result was amazing nonetheless. My mother and I have differing ways of cooking Arroz Caldo and preparing Tokwa’t Baboy (Tofu & Pork). Of course, she’d say nothing beats the original (hers). I had this for merienda and later for dinner as well.

Arroz Caldo and Tofu (no pork for me)

Arroz Caldo and Tofu (no pork for me)


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