My Cookie Butter

Are you crazy about Cookie Butter [Trader Joe’s or Biscoff]? Are you put off by the expensive price? I must admit, I only tried it once when a colleague shared a bottle in an office meeting. That was a Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter. I found it delicious, largely because I love cinnamon. But when I got to thinking about its caloric and sugar content, I got turned off. Plus it was relatively expensive, and quite difficult to find. There are a number of on-line sellers, like Lorena and Loreta and Joe & Cherry, among others. However, ordering from these on-line sellers requires patience. There is a 2 to 3-month waiting period for orders.

I examined the product and marveled at its simplicity. I thought of making cookie butter using other cookies. But I wondered, what cookie can I use? Three came to mind: butter cookies, ginger snaps, and Lengua de Gato. Then, in my blog-hopping, I came across a cookie butter recipe using Lengua de Gato, one of my choices!

I quickly followed the simple recipe. The only complicated step was extracting the coconut oil. I had to channel my late great-grandmother, who regularly extracted coconut oil for her hair and skin. I remember eating the latik that resulted from the extraction back then. The resulting product was runny so I put it in the refrigerator hoping it will set. Well, it did set and became difficult to spread. So for my first taste, I let it sit for a while on the table so it will warm up to room temperature. When it did, I easily spread some on a pan de sal.

the first attempt

the first attempt

The verdict? I think I put too much oil. Or, the coconut oil was too flavorful that it overpowered the taste of the Lengua de Gato. But my cousin liked it. I liked it as well; I just think there’s room for improvement. In my next attempt, I will either reduce the coconut oil or I will use an oil that has a neutral flavor. I’m also thinking of using melted or clarified butter. I think my blood cholesterol level shot up just writing this! 🙂

I will keep you posted on this experiment!


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